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Mini Soccer Fall 2018

Mini Soccer Fall 2018

Dear All;

Tenafly United Soccer Club is pleased to announce its continued partnership with New Jersey Mini Soccer this Fall season, offering its highly successful 4 v 4 player development program for all Tenafly/Alpine residents born between January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2013.

The Fall 2018 Mini-Soccer program will have Tuesday and Friday 60-minute sessions and commence  beginning September 14, 2018 and run  until November 2, 2018.  

Boys 2013and all Girls sessions will be 3:45p to 4:45p  with Boys 2011/2012 sessions will be 4:45p to 5:45p at Stillman School Field. Boys and Girls will have separate trainers.

Four Festivals will be held this Fall with Dates and Locations to follow

•    The Fall 2018 registration fee is $185. All players must register on Community Pass. Please select TUSC Mini Soccer Program  Fall 2018


TUSC & New Jersey Mini-Soccer will use the USSF Birth Year Registration mandate, allowing players to train and play with their own age group.


•    4v4 Small-Sided Games allowing the development of improved skills with the ball and players confidence and comfort. 


•    Two 60-minute training sessions per week.  Using a progressive curriculum whereby players learn and attempt a number of soccer techniques while allowing creativity to be at the forefront of play.

•     New Jersey Mini-Soccer will have professional, qualified staff to run the Tenafly United program.

•   TUSC & New Jersey Mini-Soccer will place boys and girls in smaller teams, giving them more touches on the ball, opportunities to try new skills & most importantly, to have fun & love the game.

•    The New Jersey Mini-Soccer program focuses on allowing the players to learn the game, without the stress or pressure of winning/losing.

•    During Festival Play there will be minimal coaching; New Jersey Mini-Soccer Staff will introduce a set of specific rules of the game that have been developed for small-sided game participation.  New Jersey Mini-Soccer Staff have been educated to let the game flow, and let the players learn from their mistakes. 

•    The Fall 2018 registration fee is $185. All players must register on Community Pass.  

Please select TUSC Mini Soccer Program  Fall 2018

•    Each NEW player will need to purchase a TUSC Mini-Soccer uniform at 

We look forward to you being part of the program again this Spring season.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Yours truly

Mark J White

General Manager

The Sports Factory/TSF Academy

973-696-9199 (ph)

973-696-9499 (fax)