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TUSC’s Fall 2018 NCSA games schedule  starts Saturday Sept. 8 for boys and Sunday Sept.9 for girls. NCSA games will be scheduled every weekend until Nov.17-18 except Columbus Day weekend Oct. 6-7.   NCSA schedules will be posted on or about Aug 31.

TUSC Preseason team training begins the week of Aug. 27 and  our training schedule will be posted by Aug. 1.

Goalie training will be Wednesdays at Municipal Field from 8/29 through 11/14.

Soccer is played in the rain and any  cancellation of training will be communicated via email by 2:00pm the day of the practice.

No team training Labor Day Monday Sept. 3

No team training Rosh Hashana Monday Sept. 10 & Tuesday Sept. 11 and Yom Kippur Wednesday Sept.19 when Tenafly public schools are closed. Team training the afternoons before the Jewish Holidays are optional.

Abbreviated training sessions will be scheduled the weeks of Oct. 8 - Nov. 16.  Daylight savings time ends 2:00am Nov. 4.

Practices will be scheduled earlier in the day Thursday Nov. 8 & Friday Nov.9 when schools are closed for the NJEA convention.














The Tenafly Travel Soccer program is open to students who live in Tenafly or Alpine,

or who attend school in Tenafly.  These include Tenafly Public Schools,

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Spring School.


Tryouts will be conducted by an outside professional evaluation organization.

Bring a soccer ball and water and wear shin guards and soccer cleats.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before both of your scheduled tryout sessions for check-in.


Please register for the tryouts on-line PRIOR to May 10, 2018 at Select Tenafly United Soccer Club (Travel) from the first drop-down box, then 

Select TUSC Travel Tryouts Fall 2018/Spring 2019 from the second drop-down box

** Parents of players trying out are not allowed on the fields. **

** Players cannot wear uniforms or other clothing that identifies them as a current travel player **




U8 Boys – 2011

  Sat. May12,  8:00am - 9:10am Muni


  Tues. May 22 3:40-4:50p TMS

U9 Boys – 2010

  Sat. May 12,  12:00 - 1:10pm Muni


  Tues. May 22 5:00-6:10p TMS

U10 Boys – 2009

  Sat. May 12  2:40 - 3:30PM Muni


  Mon. May 21  3:40-4:50p TMS

U11 Boys – 2008

  Sat May 12  1:20PM - 2:30PM Muni 


 Mon. May 21 3:25-4:35p Muni

U12 Boys – 2007

  Sat. May 12  5:20-6:30PM Muni 


 Thur. May 24 3:25-4:35p MUNI

U13 Boys – 2006

  Sat. May 12 10:40 - 11:50AM Muni


 Wed. May 23 3:25-4:35p Muni

U14 Boys – 2005

  Sat. May 12 6:40 - 7:50PM  Muni


 Mon. May 21 4:55-6:05p TMS 

U15 Boys – 2004

  Sat. May 12, 6:40P - 7:50PM Muni


 Mon. May 21 4:55-6:05PM TMS









U8 Girls – 2011

  Sat. May 12  8:00 - 9:10AM  Muni 


  Tues. May 22 3:40-4:50p TMS

U9 Girls – 2010

  Sat. May 12  1:20 - 2:30PM  Muni 


  THU. May 24 4:40-5:50p Muni 

U10 Girls – 2009

   Sat. May 12 9:20 - 10:30AM Muni


  THU. May 24 4:40-5:50p Muni 

U11 Girls – 2008

   Sat. May 12  9:20-10:30a Muni 


  WED. May 23 5:45-6:50p Muni

U12 Girls – 2007

   Sat. May 12  4:00 - 5:10PM  Muni 


  WED. May 23 4:35-5:45p Muni

U13 Girls – 2006

   Sat. May 12  4:00 - 5:10PM Muni


  WED. May 23 4:35-5:45p Muni 

U14 Girls – 2005

   Sat. May 12  4:00 -5:10PM  Muni 


  THU: MAY 24 4:40-5:50 Muni 

U15 Girls – 2004

   Sat. May 12 4:00 - 5:10PM  Muni


  THU. May 24 4:40-5:50P Muni 


***There will be one U8 boys teams and one U8 girls teams playing up in U9.  TUSC offers a mini soccer program as well for 2011 birth year. 


***High school age U16-U19 teams that play in spring 2019 will have tryouts in November 2018.