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Game Preparation Checklist

 Before The Season

Review practice schedule at
 Review game schedule at
Communicate the above with your team parents.
 Schedule TBS games with your opponents by end of second week of the season.
 Verify game balls are correct size and are inflated properly.
Verify supply of ice packs and medical kits.
 Confirm complete contact information for all players/coaches – emails, cell phones – weekday and day-of-game.
Review rules of game time behavior with parents.
Confirm all players have complete uniforms – orange and white jerseys, black soccer, shorts, black socks, shin guards, cleats. Long sleeve black shirts for colder weather.
(Note: Actually, although we do wear the black long sleeves, the rules are that the long sleeve “UnderArmor” has to match the color of the jersey, and thus should be orange long sleeves with  orange jerseys and white long sleeves with white jerseys.)
 Confirm schedule at
 Confirm game time and location with opposing coach; confirm directions, uniform colors.

 First home game of the day: Pick up flags from Tenafly United lock box at Municipal.
 Bring: 2 copies of US Club Roster and print NCSA Match Day form from NCSA website.
 Bring: all passes, medical release forms, balls for home games.
 Without US Club Roster, Match Day Form or Passes, the game will not be played.
 Arrival 30-45 minutes before game time.
Check safety of goals – make sure sand bags are in place.
 Parents set up on opposite side of field.
 No food on Municipal Field.
 No chairs on the turf at Municipal Field.
 Referee fees:
 U15 - U19: $90/$50
 U13 - U14: $80/$45
 U11 - U12: $70/$40
 U09 - U10: $60/$35 (if scheduled)

U08: $60/$35 (if scheduled)
Trainers run the games if they are in attendance.
Playing time should be increased in tournaments when our teams are not in
competition for state rankings.
 Make sure you get your passes back from the referee – and count them!!
 Verify the game score with the referee when you get back the passes.
 Clean up the field!
 Last home game of the day: Should goals need to be moved off the fields:
 Municipal: Please move goals off the synthetic turf with sand bags.
 THS Brook Field: Locked & Behind the permanent bleachers near the Brook with sand bags.
 Alpine: Locked & To the Fence at the parking lot
 TMS: Ok to leave in place with sand bags

 Score reporting is done by entering score on NCSA website within four hours of the end of the game.
 Scores are reported by the winning team or the home team in the case of a draw.
 Submit Referee Evaluation to NCSA.
 Send a post-game email report to  Alejandro and Katy including:
 Score of the game
 Report of any incidents (such as yellow/red cards, injuries, parent behavior, etc.)
 Confirmation that the field was left in clean condition.
 Confirmation that goals were moved off field if your game was the last of the day
 Last home game of the day: Return flags to Tenafly United lock box at Municipal.