TUSC Code of Conduct:


We all must remember that these are games to be enjoyed by the children. Verbal abuse and threats by players or by adult spectators, directed at game officials, coaches, players, parents or officers of the League, are contrary to the spirit of the League and will not be tolerated at any time. When interference with League personnel or the conduct of games occurs, the League and Club in its sole judgment will suspend or terminate the participation of an offending player or of the child or children of a parent who violates the basic rules for good sportsmanship in an athletic program for youngsters.



We agree that the player for whom we are responsible: (1) shall wear the appropriate equipment, including soccer shoes(with soft toes and rubber cleats for outdoor participation and/or indoor soccer shoes or sneakers for indoor participation)and shin guards under soccer socks; (2) shall not wear watches or jewelry, including but not limited to earrings; (3)agrees to be bound by any and all rules of the Tenafly United Soccer Club, Northern Counties Soccer Association

(NCSA), US Club Soccer, and its affiliated organizations including United States Soccer Federation (USSF). (4) And we agree further that in the event a parent or guardian is not present, that the coach or trainer, or another adult designated by the coach or trainer, may obtain emergency treatment by a medical practitioner for my child without liability should an injury occur. I also assume the financial responsibility for any medical treatment for my child.

We understand officials and coaches are busy immediately before and during a game and therefore rely on a parent/guardian to assure compliance with these rules. It is recognized by the undersigned that the entities and individuals released from any and all liability in the Waiver above, are not guarantors of enforcement of the rules and shall have no liability of any kind for failure to enforce or maintain compliance. The above supplements, and does not replace, the US Club Soccer Youth Player Registration & Medical Treatment Authorization Form.