Wilkins Place between Oak Ave and Ivy Lane, Tenafly

LIGHTNING SAFETY POLICY If a lightning risk warning occurs, all activities within such park or recreational facility shall immediately cease until the lightning warning system provides the all- clear sound. All umpires, coaches, referees, coordinators or adults in charge of an organized activity shall be responsi- ble to ensure that his or her group follows the Lightning Safety Policy. Members of the public using the parks and fields on an individual, unorganized basis are also individually subject to same safety policy. Any person found guilty of violating this article shall be subject to a penalty consisting of a fine or impris- onment, or both, subject to the discretion of the Judge, the maximum of which shall be the maximum fine not to exceed $1,000 or term of imprisonment permitted to be imposed by the court. FOR LIGHTNING REMEMBER: SEE IT—HEAR IT—CLEAR IT